Publications and Presentations

  1. Rophael J, Shaw C, Yii M. Hypoglycaemia Associated with a Massive Thoracic Cavity Tumour
    Cardiothoracic Care Centre, St.Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
    Moderated Poster Presentation at Annual Scientific Congress
    3-5-2004, RACS
  2. Rophael J, Wright G. A Novel Approach to the Management of Tracheopathia Osteochondroplastica
    Cardiothoracic Care Centre, St.Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne
    Moderated Poster Presentation at Annual Scientific Congress
    3-5-2004, RACS
  3. Rophael J, Mitchell G, Penington A, Morrison W.
    Angiogenesis and Adipogenesis in a Murine Model under the influence of VEGF A, FGF 2 and PDGF B. Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery.
    Presentation at Annual Scientific Congress
    3-5-2004, RACS.
  4. Chan P, Murphy M, McKelvie P, Rophael J, Trost N.
    An Unusual Case of Skull Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma- Case Report and Literature Review, Department of Neurosurgery, Neuropathology and Neuroradiology, St.Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. ANZ J Surg.
    2004 Aug;74(8):710-713.
  5. Mitchell G, Lokmic Z, Penington A, Rophael J, Stillaert F, Morrison W. Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery.
    The role of vascularisation in three dimensional tissue engineering.
    Presentation by G Mitchell at 7th World Biomaterials Congress 21-5-04, Sydney
  6. Kenneth R Knight, Yoshiaki Uda, Michael W Findlay, David L Brown  Kevin J Cronin, Emma Jamieson, Effie Keramidaris, Anthony J Penington, John Rophael, Leonard C Harrison, Wayne A Morrison.
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    Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and nitric oxide promote adipogenesis in a model that mimics obesity.
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  11. Clopidogrel cessation in non cardiac surgery and the role of tirofiban.
    Presentation to the NSW Society of Vascular Surgery April 2008
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    2011 Dec;165(6):1223-35. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2133.2011.10599.x.
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    36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Burn Association
    9 – 12 October 2012 Hobart.

Pub. No.: WO/2008/019434
International Application No.: PCT/AU2007/001149
Publication Date: 21.02.2008
International Filing Date: 14.08.2007

The present invention relates generally to the use of agents to enhance adipogenesis and to promote fat graft survival in mammalian subjects. More particularly, the present invention contemplates the use of growth factors delivered by local or sustained administration alone or in combination with a range of growth factors to enhance angiogenesis in association with adipogenesis and to promote fat graft survival to thereby improve weight maintenance and to preserve normal cellular architecture of tissue including free fat grafts in mammalian subjects. Compositions comprising the instant agents also form part of the present invention.

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